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[Mostly] unformatted formatted blog about gaming laptops. The pieces are mostly gaming laptops reviews, by-price recommendations, reviews, gpu comparisons, some news, deals and questions / suggestions. I’ll write here and there about topics concerning choosing a laptop or other mobile devices for gaming. The comparisons based mainly on performance, screen quality, build quality, battery runtime and thermal performance. I’ll also try to form good gaming laptops recommendations mainly based on thorough reviews from leading sites and my own site.

The recommendations will be usually a final decision without many details, but you can read the reviews and check it out or simply talk over the comments. The idea is to narrow the scope and focus the sights when searching a laptop, and perhaps provide a bit of anti corporate marketing weight.

The reviews on this site are my own reviews, with the actual machine bought by me.

Comments and forums are a central part of this site. Much of the data, ideas and methods posted on this site came from the magic of community. Please use it.

Things you should know about me : I usually don’t like full stops at the end of sentences. I used to, but I don’t know. I’m located in Eurasia around a big city, and I put considerably efforts to unveil meanings to life. I’m happy to talk – contact me. I use a very used Dell Latitude e7440 box with 256GB Samsung 871 SSD and a I5-4300U CPU.

$$$: I don’t post ads on this site. However, I do use affiliate links, like those from Amazon and others. Please consider supporting this site.

You can contact me at gaminglaptopsjunky@gmail.com

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Oğulcan Çelik

I just discovered your blog and your review style is awesome! Most of the YouTube channels or websites forget to talk about internal and surface temps. Thats #1 in my list to look when buying a laptop. You are the only one who says Clevo 1060 models’ WASD area got hot and that’s annoying. I completely agree with you. Keep up the good work!


Can I ask your advice on slightly higher end laptops? $1000-$1550 range. I’m thinking things like 970m-980m, g-sync, 3 or 4k (not for games but for clear text and other uses). Have you heard of Eluktronics? They do Clevo style laptops – look like good deals…

Hello. Before I ask you anything I wanna say thanks for making such an awesome website. So, first question of mine is where are you based? Because I live in Australia, I’ve struggled to find a website that will give me computers I can buy in my country using AUD. Secondly, I need a mid range gaming LAPTOP with a decent a graphics card, and a decent cpu. I need it to be capable of recording/live steaming games with a mic and possible controller support (optional). I don’t mind the size, but it would be nice to have a laptop… Read more »
Lindsay Trumper
Hi Junky, Could I please have your help? My laptop has literally just switched off and won’t turn back on, I’m desperately searching for a new laptop to be delivered asap. I am teaching in Japan for another 2 years so I can’t just go out an buy one as the keyboards will generally be in Japanese (I can’t read Japanese just yet lol). I am seeking a laptop which is * small/ light enough to carry around to a different part of Japan on a weekly basis in my (quite big) backpack *Has a better graphic card than my… Read more »
Jeremy C
Hi there, I think your gaming laptops site is great. I think it’s a great resource for less tech savvy individuals such as myself to get a decent idea of the kids of laptops we can buy. That being said, I was doing a bit of googling and I found two sites – ibuypower and cyberpowerpc. Never heard of them before but their deals seem pretty outrageous – too good to be true. Specifically, the fangbook for 845$ (https://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/FANGBOOK_III_HX6-100_Gaming_Laptop/) and the MSI GP70 Lepoard (http://www.ibuypower.com/Store/MSI-GP70-Leopard-Gaming-Laptop-GT940M). I was wondering if you could tell me what you think of these products. I’ve… Read more »