[EXPIRED] Acer VN7-591G 15.6″ gaming laptop, I7-4710HQ, GTX 860M 2GB, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 1080p IPS for $1100, non-SSD for $800!! (better)

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Acer VN7-591G. Available from


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More Acer VN7-591G variants

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Acer VN7-591G main specifications
CPUI7-4710HQ (2.5-3.5GHZ)
GPUGTX 860M 2GB Maxwell
Screen1080p LG IPS
Weight5.29 lbs (~2.4 kg)

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Acer VN7-591G Reviews
  • I7, 128GB SSD
  • I7, 128GB SSD

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Acer VN7-591g


Now selling for $800 on Newegg eBay – totally worth it, for those who want a gaming laptop for a lower price!

This version comes with an I7-4710HQ, 1080p IPS display, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD for $1100 from from Newegg. The $900 non-SSD version for $900 is more cost effective for those who can install the M.2 SSD themselves (or SSHD, or nothing), but it requires some gentleness as opening the VN7-591G is not as easy as in other machines.

Gaming performance of the GTX 860M 2GB + I7 is very good for 1080p gaming, running most games on very high settings. Under gaming, the CPU throttles only a bit and GPU is not (check the review) and the VN7-591G delivers good performance in all games, at least as good as other GTX 860M equipped laptops.

The battery performance is not that good currently at around 3-4 hours tops, depending on your way of use, but it might get better.

Overall, this machine is a very good deal for those who want a more complete 15.6″ gaming laptop with an M.2 drive included – the 256GB SSD is enough for the OS and many programs. The 16GB RAM will also probably prove itself for those video/photo editors who use very RAM demanding software.

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This expired today.. Damn.. I missed it.. 🙁


I’ve been hunting around trying to figure this out for sure, but it looks like the ones for $8-900 w/o SSD also have a Backlit LCD monitor, not IPS. Sucks, wanted to buy the SSD separate for less bucks, but I guess you gotta pay $300 more for both the IPS and SSD or you get a dim screen, correct?

Hello Junky, I’m typing this from my new Acer Aspire V Nitro, the 900$ one. I’m planning to install later the SSD M.2. The computer is working just fine, the wireless, the keyboard etc.. The only things that bothers me a little is the touch-pad, IMO it doesnt feel soft and it feels a little cheap.. the computer started with a lot of bloatware, but I can fix that.. The computer is very slim, I thought it would be bigger. I haven’t tried any kind of games yet, but I will. The other thing is, I dont know if its… Read more »

Hi I bought this laptop and was very happy with it until just a week into using it, the driver crashes and recovers. Essentially I can’t play any games on it for the moment now, any suggestions?


Do you guys have an opinion on this sager np8651? I guess the main positive is the GTX 970M graphics card. I don”t know how reliable these laptops are.