Acer VN7-592G vs Dell Inspiron 7559

So, what would be better?

From one side, the Dell Inspiron 15 7559 and from the other side, the Acer Aspire VN7-592G. I’m talking about the basic version for both. There are other laptops as well – the MSI PE60 6QE for $1000 and the Asus GL552, but these are currently the most cost effective in terms of performance/price, so this is a small comparison between those two. That doesn’t mean that the other options are not good, but I want to keep it focused

Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Acer Aspie VN7-592G

Acer Aspire VN7-592G V 15 Nitro Black Edition

Review7559 I5 reviewVN7-592G review
CPU / GPUI5-6300HQ / GTX 960M 4GBI7-6700HQ / GTX 960M 4GB non-MXM
RAM1x8GB DDR3L default, total 2 slots8GB DDR4 default, total 2 slots
Storage256GB M.2 SSD (Sata) + 2.5″ Sata slot (Amazon) or 1TB SSHD 2.5″ + M.2 Sata slot1TB HDD + M.2 PCIe slot
Screen quality and size

15.6″, BOE NV15N41 IPS, 60HZ

1:720 contrast, 63% sRGB, 47% adobeRGB

15.6″, LG LP156WF6-SPB1 IPS, 60HZ

1:580 contrast, 90% sRGB, 67% adobeRGB

Keyboard qualityMediocre, backlitAbove average, even good, backlit
SoundMediocreAcceptable, even pleasant in some cases
Wifi card802.11ac wifi card802.11ac wifi card
Connection ports highlightsHDMI?1xThunderbolt 3 USB-C (USB 3.1, PCIe, mDP)
Throttling issuesNone, at least with the I5Yes, not terrible though
Case heatingVery lowVery low
Battery performance~7-10 hours for moderate usage of internet use~3.5-4.0 hours for moderate usage of internet use
Prices and availability~$750 : Amazon, Dell, Newegg~$900 : Amazon, Newegg


The winner is not clear here and that’s because there isn’t. The winner should be the one that fits you the most. The Dell 7559 clear advantages are: more cost effective for gaming, much better thermals and lower noise, has a much better battery running times and comes with a more attractive default storage device (SSD or SSHD). The VN7-592G clear advantages are: Better display, overall, Thunderbolt 3 connection port, considerably better keyboard (in my opinion), M.2 PCIe, noticeably better sound quality and lower weight.

The are some grey areas. The VN7-592G build quality vs the 7559 build quality and the display flickering and PWM (Pulse-Width modulation, brightness control mechanism). Build quality is maybe better on the 7559 side and if anything, the better thermal solution might be translated into longer lifetime of the machine. I didn’t test PWM/flickering in these machines extensively, but from a quick camera based test, the 7559 display PWM effect is low (which is good).

The VN7-592G does produce electrical more than most of the other laptops I’ve tested and it might mean that some electrical component is a bit overloaded, but I can’t be sure with my equippment (ears). However, it should be noted that this is not uncommon and googling this kind of issue will result in many threads for both laptops and pcs.

Let’s see the gaming performance comparison

Dell Inspiron 7559 vs Acer VN7-592G gaming performance 1080p

So, the difference in the built-in benchmarks is nothing decisive and performance, including throttling and issues and all, is the same in gaming. The VN7-592G I7 could benefit in 3D rendering and stuff like that, but this is a remote parameter for most.

Bottom line, the choice should be between the VN7-592G feature set advantage – again, M.2 PCIe and TB3, better speakers, better keyboard and built-in display – and 7559’s thermals and maybe a better build quality, better battery running times and lower price.

Personally, the keyboard is an issue for me – I didn’t like the 7559 keyboard to a point of unpleasantness when typing and It’s not comfortable to use an external keyboard, but if one can use an external keyboard instead or s/he doesn’t care, then this limitation is off. About the others – display can be replaced. M.2 PCIe is nice, but the Sata 3 speed is good enough for one to be happy with, really. Speakers – a problem, but you can use external speakers. So, most of it can be handled with.

However, the thermal system cannot be replaced in the VN7-592G. So, maybe if you don’t care about the keyboard, you should go with the 7559 and see if it grows on you. The worst case would be returning it or reselling it for a very similar price, so no harm in there.

EDIT: Just a small thing – if you need or appreciate the better display, I guess it would be probably better to go with the VN7-592G

So, what do you think?


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Ike Blaster
Ike Blaster

Can you help me out? 🙂 I am choosing between these two laptops, both in similar specs (and price), which means 6700HQ+960M GTX. Can you please compare them by noise? I don’t care so much about full load noise, but more about complete idle and 20% load. Some reviews of Dell mentions “chaotic fan control”, some fan speed spikes on low load. That sounds like nightmare to me. With Acer I am afraid of higher temperatures = probably more noise, but I don’t know. Also I don’t like that throttling issues (I want to play games occasionaly). What would you… Read more »


What is your advice with regard to swapping out screens? How do you find a good cheap screen for the Dell? I’ve changed Dell screens before but don’t know what or where to get.


I would totally be there on the Dell, but a 720p display in 2015? Just can’t see it happening.

Rob Romanowski
Rob Romanowski

EDIT: sorry for the wall of text. I just started writing, didn’t realize I wrote you a dissertation. —————————————————————————————————————— Thanks for these incredibly detailed write-ups – make this decision way easier for me! After reading both of the individual reviews for both of these machines, I came to a hard decision to make list most…and luckily you now have written this specifically to pick the winner (even though now it’s even harder to pick it). If price wasn’t an option, it’s clear that I would pick the Acer. However, as you said it comes down to needs. My main need,… Read more »


Awesome price/performance ratio. What would you look for if really need 3k or 4k screen and good keyboard and prefer i7?