Asus N550JV-DB71 15.6″ gaming laptop, I7-4700HQ, GT 750M (DDR3), 8GB DDR3, 1080p IPS screen (non-touch), 1TB HDD for $930!

Asus N550JV

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Asus N550JV-DB71. Available from


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More Asus N550JV variants

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Asus N550JV-DB71 main specifications
ScreenAnti-glare 1080p IPS
Weight6.0 lbs (2.7 kg)

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Asus N550JV Reviews

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The N550JV is Asus’ top midrange multimedia / gaming laptop in the US. The N550JV has several versions and this one is the non-touch IPS screen. Its main features are the I7-4700MQ CPU, GT 750M DDR3 GPU and the 1080p IPS screen.

The gaming performance itself is mediocre due to the cut GT 750M version with only a DDR3 memory which limits the performance significantly, as we’ve seen. Compared to other propositions, the N550JV can’t really compete even in a lower price range.

However, the N550JV does offer a somewhat unique combination of features and qualities. It a 15.6″ laptop with a very good IPS screen and good temperatures / noise levels, though the low temperatures are mainly thanks to the low midrange GT 750M GPU. There almost no laptops with a good IPS screen an such a gaming performance, therefore this model might appeal for those who are interested in a good screen mostly, but would also like some level of gaming performance.

Finally. I don’t find the N550JV an easy recommendation. First of all, if you are interested in a more powerful gaming laptop, there are many many other options, like the very good Lenovo Y510p which has easily between twice to trice the gaming performance of the N550JV. Secondly, if you are not limited to a 15.6″ laptop, then the 14.0″ Acer V7-482PG provides you the same gaming performance basically with a good 1080p IPS screen and few more hours of battery or the Clevo W230ST with its very good 1080p IPS screen and GTX 765M gaming performance.

So really, only if you are limited to a 15.6″ form size and gaming performance is secondary in your list of requirements, this is a good option to consider.


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