Dell 15 7567 gaming laptop can now be upgraded with an IPS display for $50

The lousy TN screen of the 7567 can now be upgraded to an IPS for $50

Dell Inspiron 7567

Dell Inspiron 7567
When I reviewed the new Dell Inspiron 7567 midrange gaming laptop (GTX 1050 Ti), the thing that annoyed me the most (and I think others too), is the display. It was a bad TN panel which was really hard to even use for reading/writing. So, although I had some empathy to the 7567, it was hard for me to recommend this machine, given its other paramters and the price.

However, now the 7567 can be configured with an 1080p IPS display on Dell’s site. With the rather frequent 10% discount Dell has from time to time, and maybe even rewards points (if you already purchased via Dell directly), the price of the GTX 1050 Ti version could be around $800-$900, including tax (currently it’s at least $100-$150 higher), which would be acceptable for many.

The 7567 does have its charm, especially from the looks aspect – that’s a laptop you can walk with around. Plus, you can get it in red (which I did). Read the full review to get a more complete picture.

Anyway, to consider other options, please consult the $1000 gaming laptops list.

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