Dell 7567 vs Acer VX5-591G (VX 15) : low midrange gaming laptop, new thoughts

VX5-591G review changed my mind



Hi All!

I recently reviewed the latest Acer VX 15 VX5-591G (lots of VXs). Until the review, I leaned towards the VX over the direct competitor, the Dell Inspiron 7567. The reason was that the VX offered a (more) complete package over the others, for a relatively reasonable price without the need to wait for discounts and such. You get an Intel 600p NVMe 256GB SSD (which isn’t ¬†great, according to in-depth reviews), GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, IPS display (better than the lower quality IPSs, I thought, because of the panel model).

The Dell 7567, on the other hand, was a disappointment, with a TN panel, no real extras, and around the same price, unless you catch a discount. Otherwise, you’ll get a basic GTX 1050 Ti model for $900, before tax, with a TN panel. So, the VX looked like a nicer option, at least for some.

The VX5-591G review changed my opinion. In short, the VX5 comes with the same lower quality IPS display with 45% NTSC color coverage, has worse battery running times (because of the lower capacity battery), looks are the “gamer” looks while the 7567 has a solid simple looks you’ll be comfortable show off in more public places (like college), perhaps, and it has an HDMI 2.0, which I surprised the VX doesn’t have.

A table with some of notable points, in my opinion.

Dell 7567 (review)Acer VX5-591G (review)
PriceI5, 1050 Ti : $900 before tax, before the frequent discounts. +$50 for the IPS upgradeI5: $900 before tax on Amazon
DisplayTN panel, +$50 for the IPS panel for a 45% NTSC display (low quality)Same. Default 45% NTSC IPS panel (low quality)
ThermalsBarely throttles under Furmark + Prime95 load and not at all under gaming loadCPU throttles to base clocks (2.5GHZ) under gaming load levels and up
Battery running times74Wh battery, around 520min’ 1080p youtube playback54Wh,¬†around 330min’ 1080p youtube playback (64%)
PortsHDMI 2.0, not USB Type-CUSB 3.1gen1 Type-C, no HDMI 2.0, no mDP
Speakers2.1. Not too bad, but ain’t great neither2.0. Better overall, except maybe the deep lows. Better clarity.
LooksSimple looks, various colors“Gamer” style, black-red, afterburner grills

So, I think I favor the 7567 right now, since thermals and battery are impossible/harder to upgrade for the common user. The loops add to that. HDMI 2.0 is a must for 4K@60FPS if you use a 4K external monitor. With a little patience, the 7567 can be found discounted for the same price or lower with or without the IPS upgrade (you can upgrade yourself, and it might be better).

As said in the reviews, there are some other competitors and if you are willing to throw away another $100-$200, you can get much faster laptops for gaming, with a GTX 1060 and an I7-7700HQ. Check these on the $1000 gaming laptops list and the gaming laptops with GTX 1060 laptops list.

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