Dell Inspiron 7566 : the 7559’s partial successor

Advantages are unclear

Dell Inspiron 7566

Dell Inspiron 7566The new Dell Inspiron 7566 is upon us! The Dell Inspiron 7559 15.6″ gaming laptop has been a popular choice for many over the past year and was selling for around $650-$850 with a GTX 960M 4GB, very good cooling system, basic IPS 1080p panel. Some of the peripherals weren’t that good, but for most gamers, this model offered quite a punch for the price, had solid and simple looks, with all the basic stuff included.

The 7566 is the new iteration and it starts to be available at some of Dell’s regional sites (sg, au). The price in the US will probably be around the same as the 7559 was, which means $750-$850 at start with occasional deals and refurbished models for like $650-$700.


However, it is not clear to me what exactly are the advantages. Let’s list some of the obvious changes and facts:

  • HDMI 2.0 port, enables 4K@60HZ external display
  • Looks are different. More colors, including some red
  • Two fan
  • Still an I7-6700HQ CPU + a GTX 960M 4GB GPU, so basically the same performance level

Other than that, there only minor changes and maybe some that are not visible from the raw specs, like sound and keyboard quality. So, overall, it’s hard to say that’s even an upgrade over the last model and I’d probably suggest waiting for the upcoming GTX 1050/Ti level GPUs in laptops, or try to grab some laptop with a GTX 1060 3GB.

I’m not sure this is a model we’ll see in US/EU at all. Maybe this is just a transition product in some Dell markets.



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Christian Bram

Hey guys, i’m planning to get 7556 not for gaming, but I need to fire up external 4k display at 60hz. is it correct 7556 uses hdmi 2.0?? any reference? thank you guys

Hakeem Lawal

Nah will rather go for the 7559

John Smith
The inspiron 7559 only has *two* fans, did you mean vents? Related: I picked up an i7/1080p 7559 refurb for 570$, added a 140$ 1TB m500 and it flies. Phenomenal value. The 6700hq can be undervolted substantially and 960m easily OC’d to max. Screen is excellent (I got a LG panel), soft touch finish is excellent (except as a handrest, fingerprint magnet, but I put a skin on it which fits perfectly aahhh). However, I can speak to how awful the sound quality is out of the box, dell checks all the maxxaudio processing boxes by default and it sounds… Read more »

No way. They should use at least 1050 in this one…