Dell Inspiron 7577 – the 7567 gets upgraded : GTX 1060 6GB, Thunderbolt 3, IPS display

Dell Inspiron 7577 GTX 1060 Max-Q

Dell announced the new Inspiron 7577. It’s an upgrade to their midrange Inspiron 7567 (review), a successor to the popular 7559 (GTX 960M). The new 7577 comes with the much faster Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GPU (optional?), an IPS as a default (guess: basic IPS), and a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port. The battery is sharnk to a 4-cell 56Wh (vs 74Wh), default Wifi upgraded to 2×2 module. CPU options will remain the 7th generation I5-7300HQ or I7-7700HQ for now, perhaps until the 35W 8th generation Coffee Lake parts are released. Price will start at $999 (probably before tax and also before discounts). It’s not clear to me whether the stated price is for the GTX 1060 6GB variant or the GTX 1050 Ti variant.

This move makes sense and was actually already been taken by Acer and Lenovo. The 7567 competes in the GTX 1050 Ti laptops section and costs $750-$900 typically, before tax. The 7567 is a relatively a good option compared to the weak competition in its section. However, currently, cheaper GTX 1060 gaming laptops deliver a lot more for almost the same price. These are the Acer Helios 300 (link), the Lenovo Y720 (link), and the Clevo N850HP6  (link) – all of them can be found for $900-$1100 typically and are equipped with a GTX 1060 6GB GPU an I7 and some extra feature, like an IPS display, Thunderbolt 3, or better thermals.

So, laptops like the 7567 were a somewhat harder choice – you got a significantly lower performance (around 35-45% on average) and only saved $100-$200 at best (around 20%), also letting go of an IPS display and perhaps some connection ports. That’s probably why Dell is following its competitors and adding a cheaper option with a GTX 1060.

We might review it when it comes out.



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Humza Iqbal
very good but iam angry why dell dont bring this earlier i waited almost 6 months for dell to launch new model and buyed 7567 model yes iam happy now but would more be happy if i get 7577 ahhh anyways iam enjoying dell 7567 ok Junky can u help me out i buy b156HAN01.2 from ali express its an ips panel for old tn panel which i replaced , i noticed on full black screen from corners there is white Glow which can be seen in FULL brightness , is this Common in IPS panel iam confused while on… Read more »

I kinda regret getting the i7 1080P 1050Ti 7567 Win10Pro (with some upgrades) but at the same time I’m happy with it :), I got my laptop since January 19, 2017

my laptop cost me $950 plus $19 for 8260AC WiFi, plus $65 for IPS, plus $480 for 960 EVO 1TB which equals to $1,514 (just an idea how much mine cost including upgrades)

the 7577 is a kinda big improvement over the 7559/7567 but now the only weakness to the 7577 is the smaller battery and added the weight (for the 1060MQ gpu model)

Lehel Bánkos

I am still happy with my 7559, thermals are awsome with the 3 heatpipe and i5. I can even play passive with the FPS limiter build in the nVidia driver. These “upgraded” versions feels cheap compared to 7559. All I miss is the 1060 chip and USB 3.1

Humza Iqbal

7577 will launch next yr probaly