[DEAD]Eurocom M4 (Clevo W230SS) 13.3″ gaming laptop, I5-4210M CPU, GTX 860M GPU, 8GB DDR3, 500GB SSHD, excellent matte 1080p IPS screen for ~$790, paying with CAD

Clevo W230SS

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Eurocom M4 (Clevo W230SS), I5 version. Available from


  • Eurocom
    $780 (EUROCOM-GLJ-M410-150331)

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More Eurocom M4 (Clevo W230SS) variants

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Eurocom M4 (Clevo W230SS) main specifications
CPUI5-4210M (2.5-3.2GHZ), 37W
GPUGTX 860M Maxwell, 2GB
Screenmatte IPS 1080p screen (CHIMEI N133HSE-EA1)
KeyboardBacklit (white)
Weight4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)

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Eurocom M3 (Clevo W230ST)  Reviews

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Coupon code: EUROCOM-GLJ-M410-150331 (10% off). PAY IN CAD to get this price, instead of USD.

My recommended configuration:

  • I5-4210M instead the I7-4700MQ – you can always replace it later with some I7 from eBay (CPU is replaceable). I would wait for the Broadwell CPUs which might be compatible
  • “degrade” the screen to the 1080p IPS option which is a very good display


The Clevo W230SS / Eurocom M4 / Sager NP7338 is the Clevo 13.3″ gaming laptop. The new W230SD will be available soon with a GTX 960M and probably no other real differences and since the 960M is a little overclocked 860M, I feel ok with posting this deal.

Equipped with either a very good 1080p IPS GTX 860M 2GB (Maxwell) GPU and 500GB SSHD as the basic storage, this is a very good proposition for sub-$800 gaming laptop, especially considering the extra qualities – replaceable CPU (Broadwell ahead), good selection of storage connections ports, good IPS display and the compactness.

The GTX 860M is much faster than previous generation GTX 765M for about 40-50% at least, while requiring less power. It also produces less heat – read. It is about the same performance level of the previous generation GTX 770M so generally you can run every modern game on some very high or highest settings. It is on par with the more cost effective gaming laptops in this price range, including the current generation Lenovo Y50, MSI GE70 and other GTX 860M equipped laptops.

Battery performance have also improved compared to the first W230STs, but it might be a result of the better bios rather than some better hardware or electrical gating or algorithm The previous W230ST was also quite good with one of the new bioses. You can expect around 5-6 hours under light use.

What not to expect: good speakers, thin figure, low heat. Heat can be dealt with to some degree with lowering voltages, better airflow and limiting the GPU a bit. The other stuff will remain a problem. About the low heat – again, a Broadwell CPU would make it better, if it could be installed.

So, if you can handle a 13.3″ gaming laptop, consider it seriously.




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is this deal dead or something? I still see around 1k


If anyone is looking for this laptop in Canada, it’s currently available from Bestbuy canada for $1034 plus tax with i5, QHD+ screen and including an OS. Link here: http://goo.gl/Z7uUEW

Patrick Ortega

Another way to deal with heat is force the Fan to full speed. Fn+1 for Clevo laptops



I’m looking for a laptop and just found this blog, it was very helpful. This looks like a good option – is it still going on (I can’t see where to put in the coupon code). Also, I don’t have any obvious way to get an OS for cheap, do you have any recommendations? Should I just pay the extra money and get it pre-installed?


Hey Junky, do you have a coupon code for the electra 2 or shark 3? Read that the coupon above is for M4 only. Thanks!