Eurocom Racer 2.0 15.6″ gaming laptop with Radeon 7970M, I7-3630QM, matte 1080p display, 1TB HDD / 500GB Hybrid HDD and Diamond thermal paste for $1020-1030, no OS (including tax for US customers)

Eurocom Racer 2.0

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Racer 2.0, 7970M main specifications
GPURadeon 7970M
Screenmatte 1080p
Weight3.3 kg (7.27 lbs)

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Coupon: “EUROCOM-GLJ-RA2-131215″ – 10% off. Cannot be combined with student discount which is also 10% off.

The Eurocom Racer 2.0 is a high end 15.6″ gaming laptop, based on the Clevo P150EM barebone. This one belongs to the previous generation of gaming laptops with an 3rd gen. I7-3630QM and the Nvidia 600 series or AMD 7970M/8970M GPUs. It shouldn’t be a problem for gamers because the gaming performance for the price is good.

Thermals are relatively good as the Racer 2.0 (and other P150EM based machines) can keep the CPU running on high clocks without throttling. However, the noise levels under full load are noticeable. Sound quality is average at best, but probably less than that.

I published this deal with the Radeon 7970M since I believe it is the best deal with this specific coupon. To get this price, you should do the following:

– Choose the non-upgrade 1080p display ($110 off)

– Choose the 1TB 5400RPM HDD ($41 off) or 500GB SSHD ($23 off)


That way you’ll get the Racer 2.0 with a Radeon 7970M which is the same as the 8970M in practice (minus 50MHZ, but you can overclock the core easily) and a good I7 CPU. I would go with the 500GB SSHD OR the 1TB HDD to save money and get a 120GB mSata drive which you can sometimes find for $70-$80 these days. That way you’ll save $40 (with the 1TB HDD), get responsive machine with the 120GB mSata drive and you’ll have enough for storage space.

Now, one main competitor is the – you know the answer – Lenovo Y510p. The GT 750M / 755M SLI. The SLI has the performance level of the GTX 770M more or less and the y510p is cheaper or cost as the Racer 2.0 and it comes with a Windows OS installed which saves some money and time. However, the Radeon 7970M does have some benefit of being faster in some games like Far Cry 3, NFS:MW, CoD:BO2, Hitman Absolution and BF4 and other games that do not make a good use of the SLI. Now, these performance differences are no huge, but can get as high as 15%-30% averagely. That’s a nice advantage and the price is low enough to justify. Moreover, you’ll have less SLI related problems.

The Racer 2.0 also has additional HDD bay and an mSata connection port.

I’m not saying you should go for the Racer 2.0 just like that. The Lenovo Y510p I5 SLI for $850 is still my favorite due to being really cost effective and fast for low price, but the Racer 2.0 has its advantages. The Y510p does have the 1TB SSHD and much much better sound as well as better battery performance and lower noise. Personally I think the keyboard is also better. So you have to make a choice here, but generally I think they are both good options.

One last point – the Racer 2.0 is a better option, in my opinion, than other GTX 770M machines, with this coupon. First of all, because the 7970M/8970M are faster on average. Secondly, because the price is considerably lower for higher performance an third.

You can use the coupon for any configuration and any GPU, but the most interesting are the Radeon 7970M/GTX 675MX / 680M.

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Where do I put in the coupon?


Did the deal for 3% off for the eurocom end?

Hi! I had a question about the 7970m… Is there a difference in battery management between a GPU with Enduro or with Optimus? I saw a review of the Eurocom Racer 2.0 with the 7970m and the battery life was very poor compared with an other clevo p150em-based computer with the same battery and a nvidia 675m… you can see those review here: I’m a little bit confused about which GPU i should choose in my new laptop (I hesitate between a Racer 2.0 and a Sager NP9150). Any advice on this? If I can use my laptop… Read more »