Eurocom Shark 3 (Clevo W355SS) 15.6″ gaming laptop, I5-4210M, GTX 860M, 8GB DDR3, 1080p display (TN), 500GB HDD for $783 ($23 shipping)

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Eurocom Shark 3. Available from


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Eurocom Shark 3 main specifications
CPUI5-4210M (2.6GHZ – 3.2GHZ)
RAM1x8GB DDR3 (can be changed)
WiFiRTL8732AE 802.11n
Weight5.94 lbs (~2.7 kg)

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Eurocom Shark 3 Reviews

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Eurocom Shark 3Coupon code: EUROCOM-GLJ-S310-141130

The Eurocom Shark 3 is based on the Clevo W355SS barebone and it’s the latest midrange 15.6″ gaming laptop barebone from Clevo.

The price is for the configuration with an I5-4210M and you can replace it with an I7-4700HQ for another $73, but it will make the price too close to some other high performance machines with an IPS display.

The W355SS has 2×2.5″ and 1xmSata storage bays, which is advantage for some. 3D performance for money is very good, keyboard and touchpad are ok, but not exceptional and speaker are average at best.

For less than $800, this is a very good deal, even compared to the Y50 (see below), due to some advantages, like the extra storage space = 2×2.5″ storage bays and 1xmSata. Another advantage is the little bit better default display and replaceable CPU, in case you’d want to replace for an I7 or even Broadwell which should be pin compatible (no sure it will work though)

About drawbacks, it doesn’t come with an OS for this price, which might not matter for some and speakers, as I said, are not that good. It’s also bulky and the display panel doesn’t use an eDP connection like new models, so replacements are not widely available.

This coupon will be up until the end of November.





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thank you for review.

I’m quite interested in getting a ClevoW355SS as it has a good price/performance value and is not too heavy.

What is an eDP connection? I’m asking because I’ll be tempting to replace the screen by an IPS one.

Mark Seabrook

Is the optional LCD any good? I know it could be replaced for less if you do it yourself but for an extra $138 it may be an worthwhile upgrade if it’s really good quality.

I really like the upgrade options this laptop has to offer, but I never even seen an Eurocom before in my life.


I’ve been looking at reviews on Eurocom, and I see many people saying that they had a bad experience with Eurocom.
What do you think? Are they reliable?
I live in India, and my brother (who’s studying in the US now and will be coming home this December) will be buying the laptop. So do you think it’s risky to buy a Eurocom laptop since I won’t be able to approach them for any problems with my laptop?


Uhhh? Where do I enter the coupon code?