First mobile AMD RX 580 8GB GPU – inside an HP Omen 17.3″ gaming laptop

And they start with a $200 discount, $300 for students

HP Omen 17, RX 580 version HP “Omen” is HP’s gaming series of laptop and desktops. Till now, Omens were completly Intel and Nvidia based, the 17.3″ version going up to a GTX 1070 GPU. Now, HP starts to sell its Omen 17.3″ gaming laptop (model 17-AN012DX) with an AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB and they do that via Bestbuy (link or eBay store) with a rather considerable discount of $200, no coupon needed, or $300 including the $100 student discount, making it cost $900-$1000, before tax.

Basic specs:

CPUIntel I7-7700HQ, 4c/8t, 2.8-3.5GHZ
GPURadeon RX 580 8GB
RAM8GB + 4GB DDR4, 2 slots total
Display1080p, type undefined

For $1000, that’s probably a good machine. The direct competition, the Lenovo Y720, HP Helios 300 and Clevo N850HP all come with a GTX 1060 6GB and an I7-7700HQ for the same price at best. The Radeon RX 580 for desktops competes pretty well against the desktop GTX 1060, having an edge in some DX12 and Vulkan based games. The mobile GTX 1060 is more or less as fast as the desktop counterpart, so we can assume it’s a good comparison to the desktop RX 580.

However, it also draws a lot more power to achieve that and laptops are much more limited by their thermal handling and power supply capabilities (not once because of the manufacturer itself). Even a little higher power consumption of 10-20W could result in the RX 580 downclocking heavily to keep itself within the TDP limitations and thus, delivering a much lower performance compared to its potential. Also, HP has some history doing laptops with powerful AMD hardware, but limiting its TDP (link).

Therefore, I’d probably recommend not getting this machine until we know more – and probably even after.

Some reading: RX 580 benchmarks.

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