Geforce MX150 : New mobile GPU to replace the GT 940MX, 25% performance bump

NV claims x3 better performance/power ratio

A new top low-end GPU from Nvidia aimed for laptops with lower 3D requirements

Nvidia Geforce MX150

Nvidia Geforce MX150NV has released the Geforce MX150 – a new top low-end GPU aimed for laptops with lower 3D requirements, especially cheaper gaming laptops or business class laptops (like the Dell Latitude 5000 series). It will replace the GT 940M and GT 940MX GPUs (which was only scarcely used in the US).

The MX150 is a jump from the Maxwell (version I) architecture to Pascal. That’s a big leap. Even the Maxwell I -> II was big jump, at least in power efficiency, and the Pascal improves that a lot. Nvidia claims three times the power efficiency compared to the GT 940MX and 25% higher performance (same clocks? for the TDP? not clear). This NV performance mark won’t be enough to really close the gap to the GTX 960M/1050, but it will allow such systems to reach more playable FPSs on medium-high graphics settings. For example, BF4 will get around 40-45FPS on medium graphics settings@1080p. Now it will be close to 50-55FPS. World of Tanks will become much more smooth on high settings @ 1080p.

One problem with systems with a GT 940M/940MX was the encompassing system itself. Usually you’d get a system that can’t really handle the heat, resulting in throttling of the CPU and GPU and thus, much lower performance compared to the full potential (Acer E5, for example). Newer systems have more power efficient CPUs and if the claims of NV about x3 higher power efficiency are correct, we should see the GPU/CPU potential more fulfilled.

MX150 relative performance

Some interesting laptops we should are upgraded systems like the Acer E5 and Lenovo E570, but also, in my opinion, the more robust and reliable business class laptops as Dell Latitude E5580 (and up) and Lenovos’ Thinkpads. The Latitudes can usually be found for up to $600 refurbished (with full warranty), with a good display and an SSD, and even a dedicated NV GPU. These are much more interesting than the lower quality Acers and HPs.

Finally, it seems that there should be another GPU to fill the gap between the MX150 and GTX 1050 (around x2 faster), so stay tuned.

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