GPU Battle: GT 740M DDR3 vs GT 650M

Two middle-range GPUs. The older GT 650M which still available and the newer GT 740M which we start to see here and there. Currently, the available version of the 740M is the DDR3 variant. Nvidia does this to differentiate their GPUs and provide different performance levels and make a lot more money.

Lets start, as always, with a table

ModelCore, shaders (vertex / geometry / pixel)MemoryCore speed
GT 650M GDDR5Kepler (GK107), 384 unified : 32 : 16, 28nm processGDDR5@1GHZ (4GHZ effective)735MHZ - 800MHZ/850MHZ (boost)
GT 650M DDR3Kepler (GK107), 384 unified : 32 : 16, 28nm processDDR3@0.9GHZ (1.8GHZ effective)850MHZ - 950MHZ (boost)
GT 740M DDR3Kepler (GK107), 384 unified : 32 : 16, 28nm processDDR3@0.9GHZ810MHZ-900MHZ(boost)
GT 750MKepler (GK107), 384 unified : 32 : 16, 28nm processGDDR5@1.25GHZ940MHZ - 970MHZ (boost)

Yes, they are all the same chips more or less. The GT 740M is an underclocked GT 650M DDR3 in practice. So, we actually know what will be the performance more or less – I don’t think there will be no surprises.

GameSettingsGT 650M DDR3GT 740M DDR3GT 650M GDDR5
Dead Space 31920x1080 Ultra Preset 16xAF 4xAA41-4238-39
Tomb Rider720p, high settings, 8xAF, FXAA37-3832-3543-44
Bioshock Infinite1920x1080, ultra settings, DDOF161218-19
Bioshock Infinite720p, high settings4541-4251-52
Assassins Creed III1920x1080 very high1215
Battlefield 31920x1080, ultra, 16xAF, 4xAA121215-16

Data is based onthe NBC GT 650M and GT 740M benchmarks, which as always include many laptops that throttle. I tried to pick only results that look right, avoiding throttling and drivers performance hits.

What we see is that the GT 740M is about the same level of the GT 650M DDR3. Optimally, it should be almost as fast or as fast, since they have exactly the same specs minus the sometimes 50MHZ advantage of the GT 650M DDR3. We also see that the GDDR5 version has an advantage although having lower core clocks.

You should recommend GT 740M equipped laptops as a function of the complete pros and cons picture of the laptop you want to buy and considering the price. For a price range of around 750$-800$ and up, I’d strongly suggest trying to find some other laptop you like, for example, the Sager options, the Lenovo Y410p or Y500 I5 SLI version.

Below that the GT 740M should be a very competitive GPU. Moreover, sometimes you’ll see some laptop that is perfect for you, like the Sony Vaio Fit 14E/15E which can be equipped with a GT 740M and 1080p screen for around 650$-700$ which is very competitive.

I’d suggest what I’m suggesting for the last week – wait at least another week or two to see what comes in our way. Many nice new models coming out now and it’s better to decide when there are more reviews to judge by.

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Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna

i wanna buy a mid level gaming laptop and came across lenovo ideapad Z500 (59-380463) and samsung NP550P5C S06IN, both are indian variants.lenovo is on GT 740m with default resolution (1366*768) whereas samsung is with GT 650m and (1600*900) which one i should go for?