GT 840M vs GT 740M

GT 840M vs GT 740M gaming performance, 720p, high details

This one is going to be a short one.

I’ll be writing about the low midrange gaming performance GPUs available soon (gt 840M, gt 740M and the AMD Radeon X265M), but in this post lets concentrate on the 740M vs 840M.

The new GT 840M is claimed by Nvidia to perform 35% faster than the previous generation GT 740M, meaning close to the performance of the GT 750M DDR3. But are these claims real?

GT 840M vs GT 740M

You’d also see that GT 830M should be 25% faster than GT 730M according to NV. The GT 840M, given that the performance is indeed that good, for a $500-$600 it could be an excellent option. One such option is already available in the form of the HP 15t-n200 which is especially interesting competitor in the $600 gaming laptops section.

Table with stuff:

Modelcore (stock)memory (stock)Power
GT 750M DDR3 (Kepler)GK107 (Kepler), 384 cores@900HZ-1070MHZDDR3@0.9GHZ (1.8GHZ effective), 128-bitaround 40-45W
GT 740M (Kepler)GK208 (Kepler), 384 cores@980MHZ + boost (1060MHZ)DDR3@920GHZ (1.84GHZ effective), 64-bit? probably around 30W-40W
GT 840M (Maxwell)GM108 (Maxwell), 384 cores@1030MHZ + boost (around 1150MHZ)DDR3@950-1000MHZ (2GHZ effective), 64-bit25-30W probably (at peak ofcourse)

We can see that the GT 840M and GT 740M looks very similar if we consider clocks and cores count only. However, the new Maxwell architecture has proven itself much more powerful for the same core count (which are ofcourse not used in the same way), see the GTX 860M vs GTX 765 performance comparison. It is also more power efficient. Therefore, we should get higher performance and lower power consumption. However, we currently have good measures for performance only.

The data is taken from NBC benchmarks of GT 740M and GT 840M which is ok, but not great, as the CPUs in test are somewhat different for those two (I tried to pick the specific games/tests that has a similar or very similar CPU) and drivers are different also, so take these result with a grain of salt.


GT 840M vs GT 740M gaming performance, 720p, high details

What do we see? Well, the GT 840M is clearly faster than the GT 740M averagely. However, the 35% claim, at least according to these NBC tests, is not meet. In some cases the advantage is considerable like in BF4 (though it might be a result of patch improvements) and Tomb Raider. However, in other cases like Crysis 3, Titanfall and CoD, it is not the case. One possibility is that the CPUs in tests (I5-4200U more or less) are too limiting in some specific games up to a point that the GT 840M higher potential cannot shine through. But since we have other benchmarks with the same CPU and much higher gaming performance, it is not too likely.

The GT 750M DDR3 remains faster than the GT 840M across the board though in many cases not by a lot, like Titanfall and BF4. I think that more data is necessary to get the right picture but I won’t expect the GT 840M to equal the 750M DDR3 in all cases.

The bottom line is, yes, the GT 840M is faster than the GT 740M and can provide significant improvement in FPSs. It also means it is faster than AMD’s ow midrange GPU – the 8750M / M265. However, it’s still a question of what is the cost. The HP 15t-n200 is available with a GT 840M and an I5-4200M for like $550 (depends on coupons usually the SAVE15HP) but the refurbished Dell 3540 also stares from behind with a Radeon 8850M and a very nice 1080p display, currently unmatched in performance and value if you can catch a coupon (and usually there is at least one every month).

Final word, if you are after gaming performance, a GT 840M gaming laptop should not cost more than $600. If it does, then there is probably a better option somewhere ($600 recommendations and $800 recommendations)

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8750M =/= M265X. The 8750M is more like a regular M265, which is completely different from the 265X.

265X is a 8850M, which trumps 840m/940m and is a bit better than the 750M.


Some says there is a 740M 128-bit version that outperforms the 840M 64-bit.

Ansss S

which would be better ? the lenovo z50 70 or the z510 ?

Puppet H

Damn, the GT 750M still kicks butt