Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 vs Sager NP6165 vs HP dv6t-7000 vs Asus N56VZ – Top midrange 15.6″ gaming laptops comparison


We will talk now about four very attractive and common 15.6″ gaming laptops that are currently sold for around 900-1000$ including a FullHD screen. In this post we will overview these four laptops, their strengths and drawbacks and compare them each to one another.


Why these specific laptops?

+ Leading in performance per price ratio and/or features per price ratio.

+ Because they pack a real bang for the buck.

+ They come at a good price (all under 1000$) and deliver quite high gaming performance to the point you’ll be able to run almost all of the more 3D intensive games on at least high settings and FullHD resolution.

+ All have a FullHD screen option under 1000$.


This list is not complete. There are other options, like some 14.0″ or 17.3″ gaming laptops or laptops that only have typical low quality screen (like the HP dv4t-5100, which is a great one, but doesn’t have the fullHD option). For the updated full list look here.



Summery table (and I truly suggest that you read the reviews thoroughly)

ModelCPU / GPUMemoryScreenHighlightsDrawbacksPerformance / Price ratioPriceReview
Lenovo IdeaPad Y580I7-3610QMGTX 660M 2GB GDDR58GB DDR3 1600MHZFullHD
  1. bluray player
  2. backlit keyboard
  3. Top performance under 1000$
  4. 8+ hours for light work
  1. build quality of the outer lid
  2. thermals could be better
  3. mSSD option costs a lot.
  4. only 500GB HDD for cheapest FullHD option
Best1000$Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 review, review 2
Sager NP6165 (W150ER)I5-3210M (+70$ for I7)GT 650M 1GB GDDR58GB DDR3 1600MHZFullHDoption: a very high quality screen
  1. Optional: very high quality FullHD screen for only 70$
  2. Two slots for HDD/SSD
  3. No OS
  4. The cheapest that has a FullHD screen
  1. Thermals could be better
  2. No OS
Almost Best870$ base configurationW150ER review
HP dv6t-7000 quad editionI7-3610QMGT 650M 1GB/2GB GDDR58GB DDR3 1600MHZmatte FullHD
  1. 32GB mSSD option for 50$
  2. 1TB HDD default
  3. Style
  4. matte FullHD screen
  5. Option for no FullHD and install it yourself.
If you want a backlit keyboard and a bluray, you better take the Y580Best 900$-950$ with FullHD screen, GT 650M (depends on coupons)dv6t-7000 quad edition review,Another one
Asus N56VZI7-3610QMGT 650M DDR38GB DDR3 1600MZHFullHD
  1. The FullHD screen is very good
  2. External subwoofer
  3. Stylish
  4. Good build quality
  5. low noise levels
  1. Lowest gaming performance of them all (although still very high)
  2. thermals aren’t that good.
Very Good1000$ special price for the FullHD n56VZ-RB1 on Microcenteror 1030$ on Amazonother Asus N56VZ review


Highest gaming performance and Excellent multimedia features : Y580


This one goes to the Lenovo Y580. Packing a GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5, I7-3610QM CPU, 8g DDR3 memory,  with a good FullHD screen, backlit keyboard, bluray player and Windows OS, you actually get almost all of it as far as gaming goes. The 8+ hours battery under light work load just sweetens the deal.

The drawbacks of this laptop are the lack of a cheap mSSD option (although you can install one yourself) and the softness of the outer lid which might be a problem if you’re are not gentle laptop lover.

For higher performance you’ll get to add at least another 100$ for the Sager NP9130 and it comes with no OS.

Buy this one if you want the highest performance and/or the bluray player is important to you.


Highest overall value : dv6t-7000


This goes, in my opinion, to the HP dv6t-7000 quad edition. The metallic looks and feel of the case, the very high I7-3610QM + GT650M GDDR5 performance + very good matte FullHD screen (read review or just look at the pictures) and the punch – the 32GB mSSD makes it a great gaming laptop that is also very fun to use. Usually with coupons you can get it with backlit keyboard and mSSD for 1000$ or under. Without the mSSD and backlit keyboard you can get it for 900$-950$ (925$ as for the 26/08/2012) and you can save a lot of money.

Great option for DIY lovers – replace the dv6t screen to an 1080p screen: You can buy the hp dv6t-7000 and buy a great 1080p screen for your choice (or not 1080p) like the AUO B156XW02 + HD cable from HP and install it yourself. Many people did it and they are very happy with it – here are instructions.


Take this one if the mSSD reasoning bought you or you need the Windows OS and then it’s the cheapest gaming laptop with a GT 650M.

Highest customizability and FullHD screen option : Sager NP6165


The Sager NP6165 main selling points are, in my opinion:

+ lowest price for a GT 650M GDDR5 equipped laptop, if you don’t need a Windows OS. Although remember it comes with the I5 cpu compared to the I7 the HP dv6t-7000 comes – you’ll probably get the same performance for less money.

+ It’s higher customization possibilities – two HDD slots and overall ease of disassembling this laptop and change its internal parts, like adding an SSD.

+ The option for high grade FullHD screen  (instead of the default ones) for low price of 70$ – you don’t need to do it yourself in case you want such a good screen.


No need for an installed OS? I5 + GT 650M performance is good for you? have a spare SSD? That’s the laptop for you unless you want the GTX 660M performance level (but then, why considering these laptops?)

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