Lenovo Y40 14.0″ gaming laptop, I7-4510U, Radeon R9 M275, 1080p display, 500GB SSHD, 8GB DDR3 for $630

Lenovo Y40

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Lenovo Y40 main specifications
CPUI7-4510U (2.0GHZ-3.1GHZ), 15W
GPURadeon M275
Screen1080p display
Weight4.85 lbs (~2.2 kg)

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Lenovo Y40 Reviews
  • I7, 256GB SSD

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Lenovo Y40

Coupon code: USPY4301113

The new Lenovo Y40 14.0″ gaming laptop is now available for $630 with 500GB SSHD. The price is not great, but if you are looking for a 14.0″ gaming laptop, this is a good option.

The two main disadvantages of this model are the (currently) relatively low 3D performance and the display quality.

The 3D performance is hampered not only by the ULV CPU throttling but probably also by some driver problems, it seems to me. The Radeon M275X performance is even lower than the slower Radeon 8850M in the Dell 3540 I’ve tested. Future drivers might fix it, but currently, even the Acer V7 is at least as fast and offers more interesting feature set for the price.

The display quality is average at best. However, unlike the Y410p display, it can be easily replaced. Build quality is good except the screen cover which is not that firm (the average in laptops). The non-backlit keyboard is good for typing is relatively comfortable.

The speakers are relatively good compared to the average but not great and not too powerful. Battery performance is good with around 5-7 hours of battery under light use. Heat and noise are not a problem – only under full load the upper-left parts of the laptop will get warm but it but palm rests mostly kept under reasonable temperatures.

Finally, for $630, keeping in mind the current options under $650 are not much better, the Y40 can be a good option for some (ask!).

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kodey leach

this or a alien ware alpha? both are options i want small and portable because of going to friends and working on pcs from time to time i am getting into editing programming and video game designing. i do have a hp envy 15 with amd a8-5550m and a 8750m gpu which would be the best upgrade and for what reason? thank you for your consideration.


I am looking for a gaming laptop. The best ive found is the Lenovo y40. its selling for $699 the i7 version, in the lenovo christmas deal. Is there a better option option in this price range currently?.


how did you get the 256 ssd option for $870? I can only find it for 960$


shame that Lenovo didn’t stick to the GTX 860m in the 14″ version. I was planning to buy that after the press release. Now I’ll have to look for something else.