Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 15.6″ gaming laptop, GT 750M SLI, I7-4700MQ, 8GB DDR3, matte 1080p display, 1TB HDD for $950

The most cost effective gaming laptop under $1000. I7-4700MQ, GT 750M SLI, 8GB DDR3 RAM, good matte 1080p screenm, backlit keyboard and a good sound system makes it an excellent choice and the fastest for this price point.

Lenovo Y510p GT 755M SLI


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Lenovo Y510p, I7-4700MQ + GT 750M SLI. Available from



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More Lenovo Y510p variants

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Lenovo Y510p main specifications
GPUGT 750M SLI (via ultrabay)
Screenmatte 1080p
KeyboardBacklit (Red)
Weight5.95 lbs (~2.8-2.9 kg)

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Lenovo Y510p Reviews

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Get the new version with 755M SLI, better Intel 7260 WiFi card and bigger battery

The Lenovo Y510p is the most cost effective gaming laptop under/around $1000 in terms of performance per price, including 1080p screen. This is a new model. It is unclear to me if there are any improvements, but anyway, it seems that the Y510P is getting back to stocks (model: 59388313) for reasonable price. Many are listing it and few already have in stocks. Amazon and Newegg will probably follow soon.

This is the newest model currently. Compared to the Y500, it has an anti-glare screen, but that might be a mistake). Stated battery performance is also better but probably not be much higher, at least with one GPU (you can simply pull out the second one, and put it in your bag). The sound system remains very good and people report the Y510p doesn’t get warm too much under load.

The Y510p GT 750M SLI delivers around the GTX 770M performance in average, maybe higher (NBC results), the GT 750M SLI gives the best gaming performance under 1100$ and maybe even under 1300$ currently.

The Notebookcheck review shows the screen of the Y510p is ok with high contrast and decent brightness. Viewing angles are relatively good too. The temperatures can get quite high under load, though.

The battery performance should be good with these instructions to activate the integrated HD4600 to work as it should be when you’re using one GPU only.


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Can anyone who ordered this off the new Amazon link tell me the exact specs of the model they received? I especially want to know if it comes with a SSD.

Jason P

Wanted to let you know I ordered this from cost captain and had multiple issues. They cancelled the order yesterday afternoon saying it was unavailable. In addition I was automatically signed up for their “premier shipping” service with no notification. It gives you 21 days to cancel or charges your credit card $39 for a year of free shipping at costcaptain.com. If you do cancel you’re then charged $9.99 for the shipping they claimed was free.

The whole point is moot though as my order was cancelled and the unit unavailable.


These items are now available as openbox items on Newegg for 940 and 999 including SSD’s, the second option including bluray external drive. W/o a warranty available, are these still comparatively better than the Y500 dual 650 option or one of the 17.3″ laptops, like the asus G75vx?
thanks for your time!


Is $1000 a good deal for this laptop, or should one wait till it’s on sale?


Love your site, great work, and the new banner is rather sleek. Just wanted to tell you the Y510p is NOT slimmer than the Y500, I had them side by side. It is still an amazing laptop though. Also, mine has no connector to add an NGFF ssd, Lenovo just left it out, so don’t count on adding one, I plan on swapping the hard drive for a hybrid drive.