New Alienware laptops with Radeon RX470 will be available soon

Will use the desktop RX470 version

new Alienware 2017

new Alienware 2017Well, as part of the new wave of laptop models with new Nvidia GPUs, Dell Alienware will begin to ship their new Alienware 15 and 17 too. See this AMD post. These models will include up to GTX 1080 GPU or a Radeon RX470. This is nice news, as finally we see the new Polaris announced for some laptop. The GPU version will be the desktop versions, probably a little limited in theory and in practice.

The previous Alienware generation (which is currently available), is also offered with a Radeon M395X, a very powerful AMD GPU, but one that also consumes lots of energy and produces lots of heat, more than its Nvidia counter parts. For desktops it’s not that of an issue, but with laptops the cooling/heat limitations, so in fact, hotter, higher TDP GPUs are more limited and throttled when the system is loaded. Besides, it has impact on battery running times, even when not using the 3D power of the GPU, in case the Enduro/Optimus systems are not operational. With the new AMD Polaris architecture, the power efficiency for AMD GPUs is much better and this problem is considerably less of a deal breaker.

The Radeon RX 470 is a fast GPU, which is very close to the RX 480 and GTX 1060 6GB in performance. Actually, in DX12 based games, or games that see good improvement with DX12/Vulkan, the AMD RX series often see some advantages in performance or performance/price ratio (meaning, you get the same performance for lower price) – games like Ashes Of Singularity and Hitman 2016 and perhaps Doom 2016 (check 1, 2, 3). This trend will probably continue with more DX12/Vulkan games and more advanced and optimized 3D engines based on these APIs.

Moreover, AMD may have some advantages for VR and VR gaming, thanks to their more experience with the GCN architecture that implemented features like hardware pre-emption, and allowed better concurrency overall.

So, let’s wait and see how good are the new models

AMD Radeon RX470

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Michael Galdenzi

I noticed this card offered as well but also noticed that it is an option… meaning it will probably be at a premium over the 1060. If the 1060 is cheaper, I think it would be the better choice. Still, some AMD fans may choose this and as you said… Its nice to have options.