Nvidia MX150/GT 1030 early benchmarks : 80-90% the GTX 960M performance in some games

Nvidia Geforce MX150

Nvidia Geforce MX150So, the new Nvidia MX150 mobile GPU was released not long ago. This is a mobile variant (maybe just in name) of the Nvidia GT 1030. Now, notebookcheck released some new benchmarks of the new MX150, based on the MSI PL62 and Clevo N855H1 laptops. There aren’t many numbers there, but let’s draw some quick comparison

Witcher 3 (med@768p)Deus EX : Mankind Divided (med@768p)Warhammer 40K : Dawn of War III (med@1080p)Dirt 4 (high@1080p)
Nvidia GT MX15043  (~91.5%)32  (~89%)22  (~88%)33  (~82.5%)
GTX 960M47 (~109%)36  (~112.5%)25  (~114%)40  (~121%)

That’s all based on early tests of Notebookcheck and there will be probably different MX150 results as time goes on, but the picture is clear. Given that the GTX 960M won’t get any faster significantly, the MX150 gaming performance in those very 3D demanding games is around 80%-90% and actually closer to 90% on average.

That’s also faster than the GTX 950M DDR3 and faster/as fast the GTX 950M GDDR5, both were found in laptops that were common for $450-$600 (Acer E5-575G, Lenovo basic Y700 and E570). If packaged with a good enough CPU and a laptop that can get rid of the heat (unlike the E5-575G), then we got a new gaming performance level for the $500-$600 price range. Hopefully it will be available with a laptops that aren’t annoying (bad display, gets hot, keyboard quality), but I guess, judging by last years, that we won’t see a really satisfying laptop.

Wanted to write it also for those who want to get a $500 laptop now. Wait with it.

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