[Updated] Recommendations for high midrange gaming – GT 650M / GTX 660M / GTX 670M and Radeon 7730M/7750M/7770M/7850M gaming laptops – 12/07/2012

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That’s true that if you don’t know what you’re looking for, then this article won’t help you. True, and we’ll try to address this issue in another post.

But, if you know that you need a high-end midrange gaming performance then this post can help you. high-end midrange means that you’ll be able to run most of the games, even the heavier, on high to highest settings on FullHD resolution. Some will run on medium settings on FullHD (BF3 is an example for a very graphic intensive game). In this post we’ll look into laptop offerings that sport GPUs like the nice GT 650M / GTX 660M from Nvidia or the still to be widespread AMD’s Radeon 7730M / 7750M and 7770M. We’ll mainly see laptops with the former GPUs (650M/660M) as they are currently found in more laptops and have been reviewed thoroughly.

As for the performance of the 7730M and 7750M The 7750M and 7770M: The 7730M performance should be around the 7690M performance, maybe a bit more. Without the memory bandwidth limitation of the 7730M DDR3 memory, the 7750M/7770M should be considerably faster – around the GT 650M performance according to estimations over the net (1) plus the fact that it has a good >15% higher core clock than the 7730M + a much higher memory bandwidth (twice or more) => estimation for much higher performance than the 7730M. Anyhow, as I said in the other post – we’ll need to wait for more reviews and concrete gpu specs to know better.


Before I start, an important point – there is a real flaw to all these laptops and this is the missing SSD/mSSD. Great gaming laptops without an SSD. So do youtselves a favor and when you weigh the price and features against your budget, keep in mind that you might want a 50-60$ SSD just for the OS and such. It makes the laptop much more enjoyable.


Model (link to coupon)GPU/CPUStreet PriceWhyWhy notprice / gaming perfratiosources
Alienware m14x R2 14.0″GT 650M GDDR5 / I5-3210M1100$ for basic configuration
  1. Compact 14.0″
  2. High performance
  3. High build quality
  4. distinct looks
  5. very good screen quality
  1. Not the best performance for price
  2. Compact, but not light
  3. distinct looks which might not suit everybody
  4. only typical 720p screen for base configuration
OKAlienware m14x-r2 review
Samsung 700Z5C-S03US 15.6″GT 650M / I7-3615QM1260$ No in-depth review, but this machine has a very good price / performance ratio and the Samsung series 7 qualities Still unknownOK
Samsung  700Z7C-S03 / S01 17.3″GT 650M GDDR5 / I7-3615QM1350$
  1. High quality FullHD display
  2. High battery runtime
  3. Very good build quality
  4. Very good keyboard
  5. Very high gaming performance
  1. Gets warm in heavy use (but keeps quiet)
  2. Only one RAM stick is accessible. HDD can be replaced by removing the whole cases’ bottom part
  3. Not light
  4. For 1350$ you can get more graphics performance than this.
OKSamsung 700Z7C-S01 review
MSI GT780DX 17.3″GTX 570M / I7-2670QM1300$
  1. Very High Quality display
  2. Very good gaming performance
  1. Only average noise and heat handling
  2. Not very high build quality
  3. Not that good keyboard
  4. Short battery runtime in simple use
OKMSI GT780 review
MSI GX683DXGTX 570M / I7-2670QM1250$
  1. High performance
  2. Very good display FullHD display quality
  3. Good sound
  4. 12GB DDR3 memory
  1. Not the best battery runtime for the price
  2. Not the best performance for the price
  3. Not the best build quality
GoodMSI GT683DXR review
MSI GT60GTX 670M / I7-3610QM1450$ Same as GT70 (see below) Same as GT70 (see below)OK to GoodMSI GT60 review
MSI GT70I7-3610QM / GTX 670M1500$
  1. High performace
  2. Very high FullHD quality
  3. Good thermals
  4. Nice battery runtime compared to the such a GPU equipped laptop
  1. Although better case than the GE70, still only average
  2. noise is not good
  3. Performance to price ratio isn’t that good.
OK to GoodMSI GT70 review
MSI GE70 17.3″GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5 / I7-3610QM1200$-1250$
  1. Very high performance for price
  2. Very good FullHD display
  1. Noise and heat handling are not so good
  2. Build quality isn’t that good
GoodMSI GE70 review (GT 650M version)
MSI GE60 15.6″GT 650M / I7-3610QM1100$, 1200$ for GTX 660M version
  1. Good performance for the price (but not the best)
  2. High quality FullHD display
  3. Same flaws of the GE70 – build quality, noise and heat
  1. You can get better performance + quality for the same price.
OK to Good (660M)MSI GE60 review
Asus G75VWGTX 660M-GTX 670M / I7-3610QM1500$
  1. High build quality
  2. Very high display quality + FullHD
  3. Good keyboard
  4. Good noise and heat handling
1500$ for GTX 670M – you can get more if you agree to let things like build quality offOKAsus G75VW review 1Asus G75VW review 2
Asus G55VWGTX 660M /  i7-3610QM1200$-1350$ (FullHD version)
  1. Very good noise and heat handling
  2. High quality FullHD display version (1350$)
  3. High build quality
  4. Good keyboard and very good mouse pad
  1. Weight
  2. Battery
  3. The usual – if you let off of things like build quality, you can get more performance for the price
Good to Very GoodAsus G55VW review
HP Envy 15t-3200I5-3210M / Radeon 7750M GDDR5 for basic configuration905$ or 1000$ with FullHD display with coupon (Same as Envy 17, look for deals)
  1. Very High build quality
  2. Keyboard and mouse high quality
  3. Good looks
  1. Heat and noise are so-so
  2. 7750M
OK to GoodEnvy 15 review (previous model)
HP Envy 17t-3200I5-3210QM / 7850M1005$ with coupons
  1. High quality FullHD display
  2. Very high build quality
  3. Looks
  4. Above average battery runtime
  1. Not the best performance for price
  2. noise
ExcellentHP Envy 17-3D review
HP Pavilion dv4t-5100 14.0″GT 650M 2GB GDDR5 / Intel Ivy Bridge I5-3210M680$ with coupon
  1. I5-3210M + GT 650M 2GB GDDR5 GPU – no competitors in the graphics department.
  2. compact 14.0″ gaming laptop.
  3. 32GB mSSD upgrade for under 800$
  1. Average build quality
  2. only typical 720p screen
  3. Heat or noise problems with the GT 650M. Although no in-depth reviews it’s probably true.
Lenovo IdaPad Y580 15.6″GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5 / i7-3610QM900$ w/o FHD 1100$ with.Wait for coupons
  1. I7-3610QM cpu
  2. FullHD display
  3. Good build quality and JBL speakers
  4. Good keyboard
  5. GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5
  6. 1TB HDD
  1. Average battery
  2. For 150$-200$ less you can get most of the performance with the HP dv6t or other laptops. GT 650M + SSD combination would be prefered by many
Excellent to Best (660M for 850-900$)user review no 1user review no 2
HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 select editionNvidia GT 650M 2GB GDDR5 / Intel Ivy Bridge I5-3210M825$ with FullHD display, 712$ without
  1. High performance: GT 650M + Intel IB I5
  2. High quality FullHD option and more
  3. TOP value/price ratio
  4. 6GB DDR3
  5. Nice looks
  1. Not that good heat handling
  2. Only one HDD bay
BESTreview of previous generation dv6tse,dv6t-7000 quad edition review
HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 quad editionGT 650M 1GB GDDR5 / i7-3610QM971$ with FullHD display + mSSD + backlit kb, 835$ without FullHD and mSSD, but extended battery
  1. High performance: GT 650M + Intel I7
  2. 1TB HDD
  3. High quality FullHD display (if you choose it)
  4. high value/price ratio
  5. 8GB DDR3
  6. Nice looks
  7. 1TB HDD
  1. Not the best performance/price ratio
  2. Not the best heat handling
  3. Sometimes HP has better coupons
Excellent-Bestdv6t-7000 quad edition review,Another one
Eurocom Monster 1.0 11.6″GT 650M 2GB DDR3 / I5-2410M825$ base price, 912$ with high quality display
  1. Top performance for a 11.6″ compact laptop
  2. Very compact 11.6″ form factor
  3. Very high quality FullHD display option.
  1. Screen
  2. Heat
  3. Bulky looks (not a problem for me)
ExcellentEurocom Monster review
Eurocom Fox 4.0 15.6″GT 650M 1GB GDDR5 / I7-2670QM825$ for base configuration (FullHD), 894$ with high quality fullHD display
  1.  High performance + high quality FullHD display for 900$ – hard to beat.
  1. No in-depth review
  2. 4GB DDR3 in base configuration. You’ll need to buy another 4GB yourself and plug it in because the 2x4GB upgrade is totally overpriced.
Very GoodStill no in-depth review
15.6″ Sager NP6165 /17.3″ Sager NP6175Nvidia GT 650M 1GB GDDR5 / Intel I5-3210M870$-970$ : 970$ for the FullHD high quality display
  1. High GT 650M performance, 7200RPM HDD
  2. VERY VERY HIGH QUALITY FullHD screen upgrade option
  3. good upgrading options (I7 +70$, Hybrid HDD +60$ and many more)
  4. Very good price/performance ratio
  5. Two slots for HDD/SSD – that’s great
  6. 8GB DDR3
  1. Bulky looks
  2. Not that great heat handling
ExcellentSager NP6175 user review,Clevo P170EM review,
W150ER review
Sager NP9150 (15.6″) / NP9170 (17.3″)GTX 670M (upgradable to 7970M) / Ivy Bridge I71100$-1600$ (7970M + Very High quality display)
  1. Good build quality
  2. Good display and great display upgrade option
  3. Top performance for price
  1. Bulky
  2. Not that good noise and heat handling, especially with such hot GPUs
BESTUser review


Note that some laptops were not mentioned here as they are no very cost effective compared to the others in this price range (like the Acer V3 and more).


1. If you want the most gaming performance for your money (up to 1500-1600$) go with:

  • One of the “best” price/performance ratio gaming laptops, like the dv6t-7000 select edition or the heavy duty Sager and 7970M for 1500-1600$. The Sager NP6165 and NP6175 offer
  • One of the other “excellent” gaming laptops, preferably  the Lenvo Y580 with its good build quality or the Sager NP6135. Still no in-depth reviews, but the Y580 seems to be as expected – very high build quality, very good FHD TN panel (but still a TN panel with the not-very good viewing angles and so on), high temps during load (but that’s no different than other laptops in the sub 1000$ gaming laptops, very high gaming performance.

2. If you want an all rounder with very high gaming performance (GTX 660M, GTX 670M, Radeon HD 7850M) but also overall good gaming laptop (build quality, screen quality, heat and noise) then:

  • Still the Lenovo Y580 and the HP Envy 17t-3200
  • The HP dv6t-7000 select edition or dv6t-7000 quad edition – both offer top features to price ratio.
  • Asus G55VW which offers quite a lot including good heat and noise handling, but not long battery runtime.
  • HP dv6t-7000 select or quad edition with the FullHD option + buy a nice and cheap mSSD and you get great laptop for 950-1000$.

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i’m decreased all other models in my head and there are two models atm. msi ge60 and lenovo y580… in my country lenovo has 8gb ram, glossy, 1368x720p screen, 500gb 5200 rpm hdd and gtx660. on the other hand ge60 has 750gb 7200rpm, full hd matte screen, 6 gb ram, gt 650. and in the meantime, lenovo is 50$ cheaper than msi. i’m sorry for asking this but im in really a big dilemma. i thought a lot, i even left the decision to chance, but still i couldn’t decide. which would you prefer if you were me?


Have you looked at iBuypower and Cyberpowerpc laptops? They have competitive prices, but not really sure on build quality, battery life, ect.


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When y580 I5 ivy bridge version will be on market? i need laptop within $750, i think that will be great option?