Replacing the Lenovo Y40 display to a good one

Lenovo Y40

So, following the Y40 review, I’ve wanted to check if it’s as easy to replace the Y40 display as for the Y50. The Y40 1080p default display is mediocre at best. True, it’s an 1080p display, but it’s of rather low quality – barely 60% of sRGB color coverage, bad accuracy and contrast and average at best viewing angles. And we are talking a $800-$1000 laptop here.

I’ve ordered the AUO B140HAN01.2 1080p eDP display (get from laptopscreen, AmazoneBay) which is an AHVA display. This B140HAN variant is simply the only one I could find for a relatively reasonable price which is also good enough.

Replacing the display was quite easy. You simply pull out the front bezel of the Y40 display with your fingers, then unscrew four screws that hold the panel itself. At this point pull it softly. Check the hardware maintenance manual.

The images are a little bit dark, but you can see that the colors remains good overall.

Some measurements with the DataColor Spyder4Elite:

Subjectively, the difference compared to the default panel is huge. Games, specifically WoT, look much much better with details and terrain looking much more vivid. Reading is easier, viewing angles are ofcourse much better and very good by themselves and watching movies is also much more fun. I would definitely recommend replacing the display.

Availability: laptopscreen, AmazoneBay

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Raghava reddy

Hey I just have a question. My y40-70 has a default model of N140HFE-EAA Rev 1.0. I am considering to replace display with B140HAN 1.2. But I called in lenovo today to see if they have more info on the model. The Han comes with IPS display so they are not sure if it works on it.


Ingars Siliņš

Is it possible to upgrade to IPS QHD or another better IPS screen on my Lenovo y40-80 14″? I just want a really good screen for photo edditing. Thanks in advance.

Andrés García

Wow, Thx for the Article


Just bought the AUO B140HAN01.2 screen from s dot click dot aliexpress dot com slash e slash 6ieUBaUju. Looks good, no dead pixels, received in NJ in 5 days and installed in 15 mins. Gave up on waiting for ever for it to appear on laptopscreens. The AUO screen looks much better with better contrast, sharpness and color saturation.

Before ordering I made sure the exact AUO B140HAN01.2 matte was in stock and that the exact model was going to be shipped and not an equivalent. Seller is MYS–Laptop Accessories Supplier. Person called Apple Liu.

nocturnal2048 .

Just bought the Lenovo Y40 and I agree with you completely…I’ll be picking one of these displays up from Amazon next month!

What ever you do don’t buy anything from Ali Express!