Report: serious HyperThreading issue in some Skylake/Kaby Lake CPUs, could result in “misbahvior”

HT "Broken" says Debian, recommends disabling HT until fix is issued

wafer skylake

wafer skylake After an investigation in recent months by the OCaml community, and communicated to the debian project team and Intel itself. The issue itself is not limited to Debian, Linux or any current OS, according to the report. The problem occurs in some CPUs with HT enabled from the Skylake and Kaby-Lake series. It Seems that Intel has added these “bugs” to their documents (check the source and the Intel KL document), so it is acknowledged. The Intel docs include the cpu types and steppings that have the reported issues.

The report also strongly recommends disabling HT until a microcode fix or some kind of bypass is issued. Currently the scale is probably unclear. Most laptop owners with these CPUs probably can’t disable HT since the bios is mostly locked anyway, so if you are using the laptop to do some serious stuff (maybe bitcoin stuff?), maybe you should consider finding an alternative for the meanwhile.


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