MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro quick review



I’ve got the MSI GE62 6QF for a quick review. This is the model in Amazon. I wanted to review this one because it was selling for $1100 (still is) and it looks like a good deal for many. It will include less information and tests, but I’ll try to summarize the laptop well enough for people to get a more complete picture.

Main specifications/highlights:

  • I5-6300HQ 4C/4T CPU, 2.3-3.2GHZ (soldered)
  • GTX 970M 3GB (soldered)
  • 1x8GB DDR4 2133MHZ. I’ve tried 2666MHZ DDR4 sticks and it was operated on 2133MHZ.
  • 1080p IPS display LG Philips LP156WF6 [DELL P/N: 3874Y], 71% adobeRGB coverage
  • Multicolor backlit keyboard (red, green, blue)
  • USB 3.1 Type-C (gen 1)

Now, a cons/pros summary.


  • Very good gaming performance for the price. The I3-6300HQ is sufficient with a GPU like the GTX 970M and is cool enough to not be throttled while gaming
  • Very nice 1080p IPS display, with high maximal brightness, relatively ok color accuracy
  • If there is a PWM, the frequency is quite high and I didn’t felt and flickering (also, confirmed)
  • No throttle under gaming scenarios, at least in this I5 version, and for current games (including latest DX12 titles)
  • Comfortable keyboard with multicolor backlit. I like colors and they look good. Not too “gamery”
  • NVMe M.2 slot (housed with a non NVM SSD in this case). Free 2.5″ SATA slot in this model
  • Quiet under light use
  • Lower weight realtively to some other 15.6″ gaming laptops with a GTX 970M
  • Color presets with different calibrations
  • The highs and mids of the speakers are not bad (but still the sound is boxy)
  • HDMI (v1.4) and mDP (v1.2)


  • The GE62 chassis can get pretty hot and uncomfortable and pretty fast, under high load, more than other laptops I’ve tested. The hotter parts include palm rest and the keyboard
  • No USB 3.1 gen2, nor there is a Thunderbolt 3 port
  • Non NVMe SSD included in this model
  • DDR4 modules I’ve installed operated on 2133MHZ (does anyone know how to change it?)
  • Chassis build quality is not high. The outer lid can be easily twisted and will yield under not-that-high pressure
  • Touchpad is so-so
  • Speakers quality is not great (but not that bad either), the sound is boxy (though the highs and mids are ok and pleasant)
  • Under high load, the fans noise is relatively high, compared to some other laptops
  • Throttling under Furmark+Prime95
  • No GSync
  • Maintenance could be easier. Remove the bottom plate with caution
  • MSI sign on the outer lid may be too much for some
  • Battery capacity isn’t high and battery performance is around 4-5 hours at most
  • The Nvidia GPU is always running which results in an even higher power consumption
  • Coiling noise under high system load


  • Upgrade to dual channel memory, it has some small impact on performance


OK, benchmarks now.


I’ll include a graph with the FPS numbers for all the games tested on the highest graphics settings and some CPU and GPU graphs.

MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro GTX 970M I5-6300HQ 1080p gaming benchmarks

CPU and GPU usage and temperatures

MSI GE62 6QF Review : CPU and GPU clocks gaming star citizen 1080p MSI GE62 6QF CPU and GPU temperature star citizen 1080p fixed MSI GE62 6QF Review : CPU usage star citizen 1080p

And just because, Warhammer DX11 and DX12 benchmarks:

MSI GE62 6QF Review : Total War : Warhammer DX12 1080p benchmark MSI GE62 6QF Review : Total War : Warhammer DX11 1080p benchmark


My conclusion is the same for the last months – wait for the new models with the new GPUs. Otherwise, the MSI GE62 6QF I5 version offers quite a performance for such a price, it uses no PWM mechanism, minimal throttling while gaming, even with games like Ashes of Singularity and Star Citizen, very nice and colorful keyboard and the laptop is quite under light load (even on “high performance” mode). Also. a DVDRW is included and you can take it out to save a little more weight and help the thermals a bit.

However, the chassis can get very hot – more than all the other 15.6″ laptops I’ve tested and it happens quickly. There is no USB gen2 nor Thunderbolt 3. So no future eGPU option there.

For $1100, the gaming performance for price is quite good for this machine and there isn’t any good competition to it currently, except maybe refurbished Alienware 15, which I’d prefer thanks to its Thunderbolt 3 and Alienware Amplifier options. I’d probably recommend the AW15 R2 over this one, if you are good with the weight.

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