I5 vs I7

Intel Skylake I5

New Intel mobile Skylake I5 is a 4C/4T CPU vs Haswell and Broadwell 2C/4T

Huge improvement for gamers for future games


Next gen. 3D APIs benchmarks (DX12, OpenGL Next, Mantle, & more) show great promise of performance improvement

Considerably elimitaing CPU overhead, better multithreading and AMD comeback(?)

CPU and GPU usage in Metro LL 1080p

I5 vs I7, dual vs quad core with the GTX 970M

I5 still got it, even with a GTX 970M

I5 vs I7: Midrange gaming performance comparison

I5 vs I7 Midrange gaming performance test with GTX 850M

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 I5 vs I7 benchmarks: I7 has almost no advantage when coupled with only a high midrange mobile GPU


Dual vs Quad core / I7 vs I5 CPUs for gaming - what's better?