What have we done #1 : NOAA temperature report

land and ocean temperature percentiles may 2016

I know the relation to gaming laptops is really a long shot here, but I think it’s better to write it. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has released their May 2016 report on the temperatures of Ocean surface and Land for May as well as average of March-May and January-May. The report also includes some ‘selected’ anomalies.

Well, while May is not the warmest in terms of land temperature, it is the warmest in terms of Ocean surface temperatures (since 1911) which is a big deal. Moreover, seasonal temperatures for both seasons (January-May, March-May) are the highest averagely, over 137 years.

Now, let’s look on the measurements over the years:

The graph screams global warming, doesn’t it? with quite big changes from around the 70’s (there was some serious warming around the 40’s, interestingly).

Now, a warming Ocean is quite a deal. Life in the ocean are impacted by temperatures considerably. Not only the operation, reproduction and behavior of many organisms are dependent on the temperatures, but there are more phenomenons that are related to the global temps, like lower oxygen levels and acidification of the water which results in shells and gentle bodies dissolving and creatures dying, disrupting the healthy cycles of the life in the ocean which also impact the land. We got to a level where our reckless behavior impact even the huge oceans and could destroy much of the life in oceans, if we continue like that. “Our” behavior is already considered to be the main driving force of the “sixth” mass extinction (1, 2). There is a lot to read about it and the full impact is not yet clear, but we do know that what we do has impact on this big blue giant and not in a way that will make life flourish.

I’m not saying everything should always be the same always and obviously, whether we want it or not, things will change as thousands and millions of years go by. However, this change is not a welcomed change for us, unless we are being priests of mass extinctions. As things go now, we are destroying the conditions of life as we know them, and we’re doing it quickly. It’s not too late to change this course and the start is to understand what’s going on and to act.

Now, few words on the this “we” and “our” thing – there is no “we” really. There are different political powers and some of them piss on the earth and care about nothing really. Many of them operate on the behalf of the lust for money, power and I bet there is also big emptiness in there. There is no need for that. It does not “drive” technology, advancement, knowledge or nothing – these are real, hard coded lies in our society and we need to get rid of them.

That’s all. Nothing too deep scientifically, but I think it is important to write about it.

* I don’t know exactly how the measurements were taken, but it’s been done for a long time now, and according the temperatures map, there are quite a lot data points. It requires thorough reading and understanding, but I guess the measuring method is not that out of space.

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This is all the more reason to use laptops that don’t heat up as much! 😀