Y50 display replacement : very easy!

Lenovo Y50 Review : display above


So, in our short Lenovo Y50 review, we saw that the 1080p display, as told by people over the we, is indeed of low quality. It’s even lower quality than the Y510p display considerably. I was then suggested that you either wait for the UHD version or replace the display yourself with a strong hesitation on whether or not to go with the Y50.

However, since then it was made clear to me by the gods of web that it is really easy to replace the Y50 display. Moreover and also very important, the Y50 uses the new eDP standard connection for the display, unlike before. That means that you really use any eDP panel which is used in many/most of the new displays actually.

I came across this video showing how easy it to replace the display (notebookreview people, thanks):


A good new panel costs around $60-$90 and it’s worth it. Though it remains to be seen if the UHD version is cheap enough in order to make a display purchase not so smart, the screen replacement option opens the door for those who try to get the lower priced Y50 models, hopefully getting it for ~$900 at some point. It also opens the door to a bigger variety of panels, for those who need it. Ofcourse, it’s not only a Y50 trait, as all eDP equipped laptops are in the same position, but now we know that the Y50 is an easy target for screen replacement by oneself.

Finally, two quick panel suggestions:

The AUO is a well known and popular panel and you can be sure it’s quite good. Where are all the super panels you ask? well, they are hard to find only through eBay. Usually, consumers don’t get them quickly, so we’ll have to wait and at some point you’d be able to get some better panel.

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Phong T

Hi Junky. How would you replace screen of the y50 touch model? I need help please.


Hello. I’d like to ask, is the B156HAN01.2 a matte screen or a glossy screen? I’ve seen on other sites that it is matte but when I asked a seller on Aliexpress they said it’s glossy even though it’s that exact model?


Can this replace the Y50 Touch panel and still keep its touch capabilities? If not is there a panel that is capable of replacing the Y50 Touch version?

Vlad Vengrenyuk

any idea what the deal is for touch versions? Is the touch functionality built into each screen, and can it be added to a laptop that didn’t come with it?


How much is the screen?